July – August, 2023


Whether on screen or face to face, assembling is how we forge human connection—an active, challenging and inspiring process of gathering distinct parts into a unified whole. When we assembly, virtually or physically, we come together to transcend barriers. We fuse our separate voices into a collective chorus; our singular works into a shared meaning; our solitary selves into something resembling wholeness. Beyond the sum of its parts, assembling holds the power to shape our shared future.

Over the course of 8 weeks, OneBeat Virtual brought together 25 Fellows from around the globe to a shared online space where they experimented with new forms of virtual collaboration, wrote and produced new works, and created a series of interactive sites for the public.




A collection of tracks produced by the OneBeat VIrtual 4 Fellows. Mastered by Christopher Botta

  1. A Tale of Gulmohar and Sea José Lunar (Cuatro) and Anagha Bhat (Vocals)
  2. Adrenaline Pattern (162 Rush) Jaelen Horne (Production) and José Lunar (Cuatro)
  3. KonaAnagha Bhat (Konnakol), Rhys Langston (Vocals), and ISAH – (Vocals)
  4. Web O Anagha Bhat (Vocals) and Nikola Delibašić (Production)
  5. Better Days ISAH (Lead Vocals), Rhys Langston (Vocals), Rusina Lekukh (Vocals), Mr Legendary (Vocals), Nikola Delibašić (Synthesizers), and Must Rousnam (Loutar)
  6. Festejo En 10Melody Feo (Gaita, Shakers, Voice), José Lunar (Cuatro, Voice), and Yust (Gong Ageng, Voice)
  7. Neju Guembri – Nikola Delibašić (Modulars, Synths) and Must Rousnam (Guembri)
  8. Nerubian Queen Towfiq Turjo (Drums), Fede Rincón (Vocals), Jose Buencamino (Bass), Nikola Delibašić (Piano), and Barbul (Saxophone)
  9. MisericordiaMelody Feo (Gaita, Vocals, Percussion) and José Lunar (Cuatro, Voice)
  10. One Nation Cypher ISAH (Lead Vocals), Magui (Vocals), Mr Legendary (Rap Vocals), Juan ‘eachoneteachjuan’ Juarez (Vocals), Hulan (Vocals), and Rhys Langston (Vocals)
  11. Rusina’s DreamRhys Langston (Production, Keyboards, Clarinet, Percussion) and Rusina Lekukh (Spoken Word)
  12. SM SultanTowfiq Turjo (Drums), Sourya Sen (Mixing and Sample Mangling), Magui (Vocals and Lyrics), Jose Buencamino (Bass and Guitar), Double M (Beatbox and Backing Vocals), and Juan ‘eachoneteachjuan’ Juarez (Vocals and Lyrics)
  13. SparklingRusina Lekukh (Vocals) and José Lunar (Cuatro)
  14. Glacial GreenHossam Hilal (Piano) and Jaelen Horne (Production/Arragement)
  15. The River and the Beach Pei Ann Yeoh (Ukulele, Violin, Vocals) and José Lunar (Cuatro, Vocals)
  16. Names of RainSourya Sen (Modular Synths, Sound Design and Mixing) and Rusina Lekukh (Vocals, Lyrics, and Piano)
  17. BlissAnagha Bhat (Vocals) and Nikola Delibašić (Synthesis, Piano)
  18. The BoundHossam Hilal (Guitar, Keyboards) and Rusina Lekukh (Vocals)
  19. Opprimé – Magui (Vocals, Choir), Anagha Bhat (Vocals), and ISAH (Vocals)
  20. Continuous Melody Feo (Gaitas, Percussion, Sound Effects) and Adeniran ‘A1219’ Balthazar Silva (Bass, Synth, Voice, Sound Effects)
  21. SwargaYust (Production, Gendèr Sandikala, Suling Jawa, and Gong Ageng Jawa) and Anagha Bhat (Raga Vocals, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals)
  22. MoistureRusina Lekukh (Vocals), Rhys Langston (Clarinet), and Nikola Delibašić (Piano, Drums, Bass)
  23. TranshumanismAdeniran ‘A1219’ Balthazar Silva (Synths), Anagha Bhat (Vocals), and Fede Rincón (Vocals)
  24. Rezassem Andy Mkosi (Lead Vocals), Hossam Hilal (Percussion, Piano), Jaelen Horne (Production & Arrangement), Hulan (Vocals), Nigel Perera (Production & Arrangement), and Pei Ann Yeoh (MIDI Keyboard)
  25. Lost TribeHossam Hilal (Guitar, Percussion) and ISAH (Lead Vocals)
  26. HopeMr Legendary (Vocals, Sound Effects), Magui (Vocals), and Kingbeat (Sound Effects)
  27. Zero ProtocolRhys Langston (Vocals), Adeniran ‘A1219’ Balthazar Silva (Synth Bass), Nikola Delibašić (Arrangement, Synthesizers), Nigel Perera (Arrangement, Bass, Drums), Sourya Sen (Modular Synths), Yust (Gendèr Sandikala, Suling Sandikala), and Andy Mkosi (Vocals)
  28. I Think Heaven Is With AndyPei Ann Yeoh (MIDI Keys) and Andy Mkosi (Beat Loop, Vocals)
  29. جوارانيا Hossam Hilal (Percussion) and José Lunar (Cuatro)
  30. Yust and Federico’s MultiverseYust (Production) and Fede Rincón (Production)
  31. Raga Rhythmix Anagha Bhat (Vocals) and Double M (Beatbox & Vocals)
  32. MaribelAnagha Bhat (Female Vocals), Fede Rincón (Male Vocals, Drums), Jose Buencamino (Kulintang, Flutes, Drums), José Lunar (Cuatro), Melody Feo (Gaitas), and Pei Ann Yeoh (Rebab)
  33. PolyhybrideitySourya Sen (Modular Synths), and Pei Ann Yeoh (Violin, Cello, Rebab, MIDI Keyboard)
  34. TreesRusina Lekukh (Vocals) and Pei Ann Yeoh (Piano, Cello, Violin)




A culminating series of performances and discussions from the OneBeat Virtual 4 Fellows.






A collection of images created by the fellows during the OneBeat Virtual 4 Assemblies residency. Given two prompts by photographer Alexia Webster, fellows were invited to show us a glimpse of both the world that has shaped them into who they are and their subconscious worlds through a portrait of themselves in their night time dream worlds.






Listen to what happens when the sound of rain and water from different corners of the world and the stories we tell about them intersect. Let your ears guide you as you explore the collective experience of rain and how they make us feel from across the world converge in a single virtual space.

Developed by Sourya Sen. Created as part of the Unknown Soundscapes Lab facilitated by Luisa Puterman.

Featuring contributions from Towfiq Arifin Turjo, Magui, Jose Buencamino, Double M, Juan ‘eachoneteachjuan’ Juarez, Nicole Luján, and Sourya Sen



Explore Reflections, Refractions >

Recommended for use with Google Chrome. For the best experience, use Google Chrome on a desktop computer with headphones. Use the mouse to look around and WASD or Arrow Keys to move.


Telephenesis is a space for musical collaboration inspired by the classic game ‘Telephone’. In a game of Telephenesis, a musical idea is passed through a group of artists. Each artist hears only the previous idea and creates a response. Anyone can start a new game.

Artists: Paulo Sartori, Sourya Sen, Towfiq Turjo, Nikola Delibašić, Sandunes, Hossam Hilal, ISAH, Marcio Zygmunt, Jose Buencamino, Magui, Jaelen Horne, Melody Feo, Nigel Perera, Pei Ann Yeoh

Telephenesis created by: Christopher Marianetti & Cameron Steele