Ahmed Salam


Anbar, Iraq

Ahmed Salam, AKA Mr Legendary, is a hip-hop artist and MC from Anbar, Iraq. Despite the intense struggles he has faced living in Anbar, he has persistently pursued a career in music and art. Ahmed graduated from Yes Academy and AMA Academy and works as a sound engineer and producer. He has worked with and participated in many programs, projects and events that belongs to numerous local and global organizations such as Shakoufyan, Iraqi Social Forum, Bait Tarkib, Event of Erbil International Book, Norwegian Social Forum, Oxfam, Goethe, Mercy Corps, GIZ, UNAMI and Caritas. Ahmed has collaborated on a project series, Ashra Ashra, that urges citizen awareness during the parliamentary elections period. Ahmed is the founder and director of the artistic and musical group of HHU, which is the first and the one and only space that supports the talented youth of Anbar working within various art and music mediums.