OneBeat Virtual Gallery

OneBeat Virtual Gallery

Sharing the original works and experiments created during OneBeat Virtual



July – August, 2023

How do we meaningfully unite people in both virtual and physical spaces? What are the challenges and opportunities inherent in each? How can we embrace the ancient, in-person assembly while utilizing new ways of connecting through virtual means? Our fourth edition of OneBeat Virtual invited 25 artists from around the world to explore the relationship between assembling and assembly.




July – September, 2022

If behind the screens is our here and now, how do we play along, adapt and stay curious about the intersection of our real and virtual worlds? As we emerge from the cocoons of our pandemic lives and reconnect we are met with subjects of deep inquiry. In Unmute, our third program, we wade into a speculative future. Is the virtual space the next generation of our shared reality? Can a digital space ever be a neutral location? What are the values to consider in the context of AI assisted digital art making?

September – November, 2021

In the second edition of Scores for Uncertain Times, 35 musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds and musical traditions came together to take score of their experiences over the initial year of the pandemic. Through meeting, working and collaborating online, they created new modes of healing, collective care and community in unusual times.

July – September, 2021

In an unprecedented moment for all, Scores for Uncertain Times proposes music as a curative practice, as an improvised path of intentional care. Can we use our unique practices to examine listening as a practice of care? What could we leave behind in a post-pandemic world? What has this moment of global “pause” given us that we could take into the future? Can we reimagine the reciprocity of touch through the making, traveling, and receiving of sound?