Gideon Crevoshay

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Plainfield, United States

Gideon Crevoshay is a musician from the hills of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He uses the human voice to explore the countless dimensions of sound, language, and improvisation. Gideon studies traditional and ancient forms of singing from around the world, including the US, Caucasus, and Mediterranean, finding inspiration in the wisdom contained within these traditions and how they can inform present ideas of music-making and community. He performs, records, and tours extensively with many projects including Tenores de Aterúe, Trident Ensemble, Resonanda, OKAPIS, Starry Mountain Singers, Revels, and Briars of North America. Gideon has  worked with OneBeat since its inception in 2012, having co-led projects in Turkey and Russia. He also teaches polyphonic singing throughout the US, and with the world music organization, Village Harmony.