Gideon Crevoshay


Plainfield, United States

Gideon Crevoshay is a vocalist, teaching artist, composer, facilitator, and sonic eco-archaeologist from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He works with the countless dimensions that sound, improvisation, and deep listening can touch upon. Gideon has studied and taught myriad forms of vocal music from around the world, finding inspiration from the wisdom contained within these traditions and how they can inform ideas of music-making, communities of resilience, ritual, and explorations of consciousness.

He has toured, performed, and recorded extensively, including recent work with Meredith Monk, Bread and Puppet Theater, Tenores de Aterúe, David Cieri, Redwing Blackbird Theater, Starry Mountain Singers, Catherine Brookman, Devin Greenwood, and Sanaya Ardeshir (Sandunes). He has been an artistic facilitator with OneBeat since its inception in 2012, and has co-directed other Found Sound Nation projects abroad, in the Balkans, Republic of Georgia, Turkey, and Russia. Along with his band, Briars of North America, Gideon is a recording artist on the Brooklyn label, Brassland Records.

In addition to performing, Gideon creates interdisciplinary sound installations, recently completing a multi-year collaboration with the visionary visual artist, Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, entitled Un-Tying Our Cosmic Ancestry, weaving together vocables – sounds without literal meaning – collected from nearly fifty contributors across the globe.