Rhys Langston Podell


Los Angeles, United States

Rhys Langston is a musician, artist and writer from Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in a multicultural household with working actor parents, who encouraged a lifelong love of the arts. Though he demonstrated profound abilities in the visual arts and creative writing as a young child, he came to his musical expression as a late bloomer, while in college. Since 2014 he has released 15 projects which stretch beyond genre and even the musical medium itself. Rhys has shared the stage with notable artists such as Amanda Palmer, Bardo Martinez, Tina Guo, and Doja Cat. In 2022, his talent was recognized by Metro Los Angeles, who commissioned him to compose a poem and produce music for the grand opening of the K line subway, serving the historically Black Crenshaw district in South Los Angeles. He was also a recipient of a 2021 Lightning Fund grant from LACE and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Exploring topics like race and ethnicity through a semi-autobiographical lens, culture and technology with the erudition of an essayist, and bookish esoterism beside an aloof cool, Rhys has earned praise from outlets like The NY Times, The LA Times, Bandcamp, SPIN, STEREOGUM, DJ Booth, and more.