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A monthly show featuring interviews and stories from the world of OneBeat. The series invites listeners into the lives of OneBeat alumni, exploring their creative process, musical communities, and socially engaged practices

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Best of OneBeat ’12-22 Mixtape

Since 2012, OneBeat has catalyzed personal transformations and revealed universal experiences through collaborative musical works. In celebration of a decade of the global music diplomacy, this compilation features  features music from 18 OneBeat programs .

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OneBeat programs have touched down in 11 countries and 46 cities, produced 135 concerts, and worked with 150 partner organizations to create educational youth workshops, creative collaborations, panel discussions and popup events.


OneBeat-inspired Projects Around the Globe

PPS ’12 & Sunu Kaddu

During OneBeat 2012, Senegalese MC and activist Paul Pissety Sagna, aka PPS, was deeply inspired by his experience at OneBeat to realize his dream of a creating a youth center and recording studio in his hometown outside Dakar, Senegal.

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Daniela Serna ’14 & LADAMA

In the fall of 2014, founding members of LADAMA – Lara Klaus (Brazil), Daniela Serna (Colombia), Maria Gonzalez (Venezuela), and Sara Lucas (USA), and met at OneBeat and uncovered a common dream of building communities through sound and empowering women and youth through music.

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“OneBeat might be the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, ever… It is a magical meeting, and what comes out is therefore magical.”

Gizem Oruç ’14, Turkey

“A united nations of music…World music in its truest sense”

The New York Times, Larry Rohter

“What I have discovered through this project is how close you become with people just through the gift of music. You share that gift with someone else, and that exchange is the most amazing dialogue anyone can have with anyone else.”

Samer Etienne, Lebanon

“OneBeat was sincerely one of the deepest experiences of my life, one that shifted the plates of my foundation both as a creator and human.”

Courtney Hartman ’17. USA