Adeniran Balthazar Silva

Adeniran Balthazar Silva is a multimedia artist and producer from the Brazilian city of Campinas. With a degree in music production and Afro-Brazilian studies, Adeniran explores a notoriously wide range of multimedia artistic manifestations with a particular interest in mixing African diasporic aesthetics with new technologies. He is a member of the instrumental band MENEIO, the Black Speculative Arts Movement and creator of the A1219 project, through which he has released experimental electronic music works with the use of satellite data sonification through PureData programming language, as well as published the book of original poetry ‘Imagos’. Recently, alongside the musician and researcher Vagné L., Adeniran was awarded a microgrant from Hydra – an open-source video synthesis live-coding language – to translate its documentation and organize online workshops aimed at the Portuguese-speaking coding community. Adeniran is an active collaborator within the black community in Campinas and his work explores themes, aesthetics and techniques involving Afrofuturism, generative art and creative programming.