Federico Rincón

Songwriter, Vocalist

Bogotá, Colombia

Federico Rincón is a vocalist, improviser and composer from Bogota. A natural singer songwriter who has produced a catalog of songs for his own performance as well as for other artists mixing elements of Colombian and Latin American folk music with jazz, rock and pop music. While studying his music degree at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, he became part of two groups: Canto Abakuá and Mack The Knife, both of which were selected to play in renowned national jazz, salsa and Balkan festivals. He has participated in major productions as a lead and background session vocalist, arranger, and live performer. Federico considers himself a cyborg since he is a hearing impaired musician whose perception of sound changed after receiving an osseointegrated hearing aid in 2020. This vital encounter that divided his life in two: a monaural stage and a stereo stage, made him reflect on ways to produce specialized music for people with different hearing abilities. Being a “hybrid listener” (having one natural and one artificial ear) made him aware of the historic neglect that the music industry has for people with different sensory perceptions. For his undergraduate thesis project, he proposed to carry out a study of his auditory perception with respect to certain musical parameters in a record production of his own. He also was able to make an inclusive display in which non-disabled musicians played with implanted and non-implanted “impaired” artists, leaving a message for breaking down the barriers between the non-disabled and disabled.