Sourya Sen

Sourya Sen is a Mumbai-based audiovisual artist and creative technologist whose practice spans music, visuals, and technology. With a wide-ranging portfolio, Sourya has created installations, designed performance visuals, contributed to open source projects, and released independent music and audiovisual works. Collaborating with musicians and participating in music festivals since 2014, he has crafted immersive live visuals, most recently working with Sandunes (Live). Sourya’s artistic journey includes a Master’s degree in New Media Design and Production from Aalto University, where he explored various audio and visual technologies. His work is driven by a fascination with process-oriented approaches, merging contrasting elements and blending historical concepts with modern technology. With a focus on modular synthesizers and incorporating field recordings and music concrete techniques, Sourya’s compositions reveal a distinct sonic palette. Notable recent projects include the audiovisual release “Signs of Life” in 2022 and his debut album, “In the Cities,” in 2023.