Juan Juárez Martínez


Morelia, Mexico

Juan Juárez, AKA eachoneteachjuan, is a professional Culture & Arts Manager from Morelia, Mexico. He holds a B.A in Intercultural Literature (with the Honors at UNAM) and an M.A in Cultural Management & Development. Juan is a widely active organizer in his community, and a fierce advocate for Hip Hop culture. Juan has ideated and produced, in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, several cultural events including the first Latin American Hip Hop Summit and two iterations of the International Assembly of Improvisors. In doing so, he has accumulated ample experience in leading groups and working in collaborative environments, building a unique and enriching perspective of what it means to work collectively with arts and culture. Currently Juan leads Each One Teach One – a Hip Hop organization focused on Hip Hop culture and the first Hip Hop artistic center in Mexico.