Nigel Perera

DJ, Producer

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Nigel Perera is a DJ, producer, and audio-visual artist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Unconstrained by genre or BPM, his versatile repertoire defies conventional boundaries in both his productions and DJ sets, ranging from straight-up house and techno beats to more off-kilter compositions with influences from hip-hop, jazz, and dub. As an integral part of the local imprint Jambutek Recordings, alongside label-head Asvajit Boyle, he has been involved in various workshops and performances while also contributing to the label’s extensive catalog. Their latest endeavor, ‘Non-Applicable,’ includes a live audio-visual act with an emphasis on hardware-based live performance and immersive visual experiences. Nigel’s work draws from a highly technical perspective: alongside his pursuits in the field of sound, he works as a multimedia designer and is the Co-founder of Fold Media, a multidisciplinary design collective. In response to the pandemic, he collaborated on a project titled “Interface,” a virtual live performance platform portrayed as a hypothetical operating system that “does not strive to imitate a physical event, but rather embraces the aesthetics and limitations” of the digital world. He is also a part of the music platform/collective Thattu-Pattu, initiated by the Goethe-Institut, with the aim of sparking renewed interest in music from the fringes of Sri Lanka.