Isah Danladi Matankari

Isah Danladi Matankari, AKA ISAH The Prince, is a Nigerian rapper, performing artist, creative strategist, community builder, and cultural organizer. His work contends with themes of post-colonial dis-ease, racial, gender and economic inequality and political myopia. He has independently released 6 studio albums, self-produced numerous concerts and performed at major music showcases. Isah is the recipient of the British Council Culture and Creativity Impact Award for his contribution to creativity in Sub-Saharan Africa (2023), and is currently imagining an interactive, navigable digital platform wherein creatives are able to “rent” or “buy” space to build whatever environment pertinent to the music-making process that they envision. Isah uses his art to elevate the African consciousness by re-examining African history and opening up a conversation about what an ideal African future could be.