OneBeat Virtual 2

Scores for Uncertain Times #2
September 20 - November 15, 2021

This year, OneBeat convenes 34 innovative and socially-engaged international musicians for it's second virtual residency, Scores For Uncertain Times. OneBeat Virtual Fellows have spent the past 7 weeks meeting, working and collaborating online, inspired by ideas new modes of healing, collective care and creating community in unusual times.

Nov 10

OneBeat Fellows Marathon

12-3pm EST
34 musicians from around the globe present new music, collaborations & more
Nov 11

Resonation To Infinity and Beyond

12pm EST
Can sound help us regenerate and recreate ourselves in every realm of being?
Nov 11

Where to Land?

1pm EST
Musical answers to six urgent questions
Nov 11

Building Radio

2pm EST
The dimensions of radio made into a 'physical' experience
Nov 11

Everything Old is New Again

2:30pm EST
How does a traditional song stand the test of time?
Nov 11

Journaling The Back Of The Mind

3pm EST
What if we could return to every sound we created as a physical object?
Nov 11

Experiments in Songwriting and Production

4pm EST
Six producers come together to explore and upend the organization of sound
Nov 11

Our Sonic Environments

Sonic portraits and collages inspired by the theme of widening the continuum of listening
Nov 11

Virtual 2 After Party

6pm EST
DJ Set and Afterparty