Pulpy Shilpy

Gowri Jayakumar is a curator, music producer, DJ, and a former journalist, based in Goa, India. She is the founder of Orbs Cure Labs, a creative house for independent urban arts and culture that curates multimedia and multi sensory experiences, and label-head at OCL Records. Gowri has released music under various avatars, and is presently working on her sophomore electronic EP as Pulpy Shilpy. She has participated in a number of collaborative residencies including OneBeat, AtHome by Miller Zillmer Foundation, Border Movement Residency by The Wild City & Goethe Institute, and the South Asian Music residency. She has won awards as an electronic artist, singer/songwriter, and with her freak funk band Run Pussy Run. Gowri was a journalist for seven years (2006-2012) after which she studied music at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. In her free time, she sits with free Youtube tutorials of motion graphics and animation on open source software Blender.