Gardika Gigih

Gardika Pradipta, a.k.a. Gardika Gigih, is a Sragen-based pianist, composer and researcher. After studying music composition at the Indonesian Institute of Arts Yogyakarta, Gardika’s interest in the intersection of music, society and culture led him to pursue a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology. His works, which have been performed in Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, span numerous genres from concert music to contemporary improvisation, film scoring, and sound ethnography. His debut album Nyala (2017), released by Indonesian independent label Sorge Records, received widespread acclaim and was named a top album of the year by The Jakarta Post. In 2019, Gardika received a fellowship to conduct soundscape research from the Japan Foundation Asia Center. Currently, he is continuing to develop new electro acoustic works inspired by his global research.