Caio de Souza

Caio de Souza is a São Paulo-based viola caipira (10-string guitar) player. A graduate of the University of São Paulo where he studies viola caipira, Caio has toured internationally with Brazilian the group Sexteto Clariô and played in several cities with Mestre Bule Bule, Juraildes da Cruz, the country duo Zé Mulato and Cassiano, and Rubinho do Vale, distinguished artists from from rural areas of Brazil. He is the host of the Violada Circuit, which brings together 10-string guitar players in the cities of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro and Ribeirão Preto every month to perform and lead workshop, and founder of the Viola Praieira Festival held in Cumuruxatiba, Bahia, in the years of 2019 and 2020. To date, Caio released two records: the full-length Urutu and EP It was tomorrow, it will be yesterday, and to be released in August of 2021 Onde está o Jeca?, with his group Soprano a Viola.