Firass Bahri

Firass Bahri is a Djerba-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and pianist. His compositions mix pop sensibilities with traditional instruments like saz, oud, ney, piano, darbouka, drums to name a few. A scholar of traditional Tunisian and Arab music, contemporary classical and jazz, he seeks to combat what he observes as “a deep seated Tunisian ’regionalism’ by incorporating influences across numerous ethnic and geographic borders”. Firass is the founder of ‘BahriProduction’, a recording studio from which he has collaborated with artists from around the world. He has worked on educational projects with well-known nonprofits and festivals, including Unesco, TEDx, and Djerba Terre de Paix et de Tolerance. More recently, Firass has been conducting research in music-based deep learning algorithms to explore computer music and working to develop a deep learning algorithm that advances knowledge in the field of AI music and music generation.