Producer, Singer

Seattle, United States

Bai Skye, a.k.a. ZAH, is a Seattle-based electronic producer, keyboard player and vocalist. Recognized by the likes of Vogue, i-D Magazine, Avyss Japan, COLORSXSTUDIOS and TimeOut, they have become a voice for underground queer and trans communities worldwide. A self-taught musician, Skye is known to perform among visual elements such as paintings, installations and multimedia work all by them, creating immersive fantasy-like experiences from multiple mediums. Skye has hosted an inclusive queer, all-night dance party at MoMA PS1 and Dazed Magazine dubbed Skye as “the non-binary artist waking up the fashion industry.” “By existing outside of the gender binary and on the fringes of society as a mixed race individual I create without boundaries inherently,” says Skye. “In this world my identity itself is a grey area and my art is a reflection of the way I blur boundaries as a person.”