July – September, 2022


Over the course of 8 weeks, OneBeat Virtual brought together 35 Fellows from around the globe to a shared online space where they experimented with new forms of virtual collaboration, wrote and produced new works, and created a series of interactive sites for the public.

This year the Onebeat Virtual Residency embraced a stream of questions based on online participation, trust, virtual communication, and shared values to explore the boundaries of what an online community of artists can be. This space shares the creative output from our Fellows’ photos and artwork, collaborative Labs led by OneBeat staff, and our online game Telephenisis. Unmute artistic directed by OneBeat alums Luisa Puterman and Sanaya Ardeshir.





A collection of images created by the fellows during the Unmuted virtual residency. Given several prompts by photographer Alexia Webster, fellows were invited to show us a glimpse of both the world that has shaped them into who they are and their subconscious worlds through a portrait of themselves in their night time dream worlds.




1B Virtual Lab

To collect the threads of memories among us, the multifaceted ‘folk’ of this virtual territory at this time, is a way to untangle our ideas from our individual limitations, affirm community, taste difference and celebrate ancestry through the hyperlinking clouds of the web. Here you will find fragments and traces of surviving sound, image and language, (re)assembled to (re)imagine the chants and stories that differ and bond each and all of us. “May our words have the strength of a mirror for those who’ve lost memory to see themselves.

Artists: Gabi Motuba, Theo Nugraha, Lucy Little, Orakle NGOY

Collage & Artwork by Jherlandya Ferreira

Lab designed and led by Paulo Sartori



1B Virtual Lab

The lab invites Fellows to explore degenerative processes in all forms. Degeneration can result from countless acoustic and digital phenomena like feedback loops, tape decay, compression, but also witnessed in things like memory, machine failure, and dreams. While these processes involve the degradation or destruction of something, they also open up new worlds of form and sound. As the group explored degenerative process sonically, they also looked to the Zoom space itself as a deconstruction tool. How can a zoom call become more than just a communication space? Can it be a creation space ? To answer these questions and offer tools for others to explore, the lab created a How To Manual.

Artists: Gorbi, Sibo, Kateryna Kostrova, Summer Krinsky, David Josue Adan

Lab designed and led by: Christopher Marianetti




1B Virtual Lab

Our sheer existence in the physical and virtual world always leaves a trace. Whether it’s our memories in a cloud or our carbon footprint on the earth, we are wired to create some kind of positive or negative feedback loop. In this lab, we collaborated with AI tools to create musical and visual ecosystems inspired by the Cosmos.

Artists: Eduardo Pininga, Tuce Alba, Lav Kovač, Sruti Sarathy, Hisham Atta’allah

Lab designed and led by: Umlilo




1B Virtual Lab

What does it mean to free of failure… To be free of the very anchor that gives life contrast. Even ideas that fail still succeed at opening conversations that would not be opened otherwise, It’s true, That failure realizes other lives, For life is meant to be lived, Not survived, So let failure run its course, Or let creativity die.

Artists: Victoria Yam, Arjun Mehta, Hrituparna Devmoni, Izzaty Binti Khalit, Torrey Gray

Lab designed and led by: Amy Garapic





1B Virtual Lab

The Inside Out LAB invites participants to create music through visiting each other’s environment virtually. Each fellow shares and creates media from three spheres of location: Outside Environment; The Home; and The Body. As a result, the photos, videos and music are mapped together for users to explore and discover for themselves.

Artists: Sokhibjon Kurbanov, Tewdros Fantahun, Houssam Gania, Mahima Dayal, Stacy Busch, Lando Lavarra

Lab designed and led by: Anton Sergeev




1B Virtual Lab

Our Almanac consists of the fruits of our time spent accumulating knowledge..odd, eccentric, both useless and useful nuggets deemed ‘points of interest’. We created a Mythical Almanac to guide your weeks, so that you may continue to ponder and wander in the ways our societies organize information. What do you deem worthy?

Artists: Dionysius Arya Nataraja, Marina Afares, Balkis Coraima Díaz Torres, Andrew Ryan, Goodluck Babatunde

Additional coding / synth design: James Bradbury

Lab designed and led by: Christopher Williams





Telephenesis is a space for musical collaboration inspired by the classic game ‘Telephone’. In a game of Telephenesis, a musical idea is passed through a group of artists. Each artist hears only the previous idea and creates a response. Anyone can start a new game.

Artists: David Josue Adan, Ercan Bektas Ulger, Balkis Coraima Diaz Torres, Goodluck Babatunde, A.yoni Jeffries, Lav Kovac, Gorbi, Ivona Eterovic, Muhammad Dawjee, Theo Nugraha, Pininga EPX, Sruti Sarathy, Stacy Busch, Christopher Marianetti

Telephenesis created by: Christopher Marianetti & Cameron Steele