Jherlândya Ferreira


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Jherlandya Ferreira, aka JHÊ, is a singer-songwriter, storyteller, dancer and educator from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  Since 2014, she has been developing Kriol, a project with OneBeat 2017 alumni Paulim Sartori which explores Brazilian and Cape-Verdean creole music. JHÊ made history in the Belo Horizonte carnival by becoming the first female composer to win the Mestre Jonas Marchinha Contest two years in a row. As a storyteller, she researches oral tradition, aesthetics and the diffusion of culture, and has performed at numerous National Book Biennials, international literary festivals, storyteller exhibitions and lectures, theaters, schools and public events. In addition to her work as a singer and storyteller, JHÊ is a deeply socially engaged artist, having developed and led a series of art workshops for mental health patients in the public health system in Belo Horizonte for the last 4 years.