Rolando Navarrete Preval


La Habana, Cuba

Rolando Navarrete Preval, aka Lando Lavarra, is a Cuban rapper based in La Habana. A self-taught songwriter, performer and producer, Rolando is creator of LA Q’EVA, rap duo work with Richard León that gained national attention during the 2010s. Later on, he was recruited and hired by award-winning record producers Berman Brothers, with whom Rolando collaborated for 2 years. Since 2020, he has been working on his own fusion between Trap, Rumba, Conga and Bembé genres, creating what he calls “Changotrap”. With distinct flow, involving modern Afro-Cuban rhythm work, and politically-charged lyrics tackling the history of black people in Cuban, Lando Lavarra is a strong young voice from the Caribbean.