Tuce Alba

Tuce Alba is a Ney (reed flute) player, improviser, composer and producer from Istanbul, Turkey. She believes that the Ney, a traditional instrument rooted philosophically in Sufism, is a conduit for communication and is universal, not unlike the worldview and practice of Sufism. After completing her architectural education, Tuce channeled her professional career into sound and music, studying towards a masters in Sonic Arts. She continues to create and explore spatial and temporal spaces with her music by using multiple approaches with the help of synthesizers, instruments, and field recordings. In October of 2021 she started a project with Yeniköy Panayia Rum Orthodox Church Foundation, to research the compositions and transcriptions of Zakharia (Byzantine and Ottoman Music). Tuce released her first EP Black Mind under the name Thu Bird in 2022 and has upcoming residencies in Greece and Italy.