Hisham Atta’allah

Hisham Atta’allah is an Egyptian producer, synthesist, improvisor, sound designer, and audio engineer. He produces music that melds a variety of sounds from a wide spectrum of influences with highly experimental electronic music. He has collaborated and experimented with visual artists and scored soundtracks for films and documentaries including Noum El-Diek Fil Habl, a feature documentary that recounts the state of Sudanese refugees in Egypt since the Sudanese crisis in 2016, and Moon Dust, a documentary about a residential area in Alexandria which is located next to a cement factory, causing serious health problems. Hisham is also exploring different improvisation methodologies for semi-generative experimental electronic music performance, while also mixing for and collaborating with other artists, as well as releasing his own music. Hisham’s work demonstrates subtle creativity, and a deep commitment to utilizing art to discuss broader concepts.