Kateryna Kostrova

A self-taught music producer, DJ, and guitar player, Kateryna Kostrova learned to love the industrial sound of her hometown, developing a taste for avant-garde music, experimental electronics, and techno. She has attended numerous residencies, most recently in October 2021, where she participated in the Stereologia residency in Mariupol, Ukraine. There, she worked with visual artist Olga Chekotovska to explore the topic of loneliness among teenagers who live in Mariupol, an industrial city on the frontline. Other residences include the Memory of Water (2019) and V:UNCASE (2021) where she explored the revitalization of industrial objects. She has performed at the Women in Experimental Festival, Queerantine and Feminoise parties, and Womens’ Sound events and she works to support female, queer, and non-binary musicians in the electronic scene.