A.yoni Jeffries

A.yoni Jeffries is an Indigenous & Jamaican-American Vocalist, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural organizer based in North Carolina. She is a citizen of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, one of the eight recognized Native American tribes in North Carolina.  A musical storyteller rooted in ancestral traditions, A.yoni imagines a future that transcends known nomenclatures. Her music straddles genres (soul, hip-hop, reggae, and traditional Indigenous music of North America), and she is deeply engaged in her community as a cultural worker. Dedicated to the preservation and innovation of the Indigenous community that she grew up in, A.yoni’s work seeks to amplify the sounds of her cultures and energetically shift her audience’s consciousness through sound healing. Her debut solo album, Potential Gon’ Pay, explores themes of Black Liberation, modern love, and spiritualism with a raw edge.