Eduardo Pininga

São Paulo-based DJ and multidisciplinary producer Eduardo Pininga’s musical work explores the relationship between the unknown and the welcoming. He performs as a solo artist under the moniker EPX, and was the co-producer and artistic director of the São Paulo-based label and collective, Tormenta. He has produced exclusive tracks for international labels such as Staycore, GHE20G0TH1K, Hiedrah, Parkingstone, and for the renowned transcontinental and experimental electronic Mexican label N.A.A.F.I. As EPX, Eduardo has played some of Brazil’s most important parties and festivals such as Metanol, Mamba Negra, Wobble, Festival Novas Frequências, and RBMA. He has also toured internationally, most notably serving as production partner and DJ for Brazilian actress and singer Linn da Quebrada’s international tour. After years also running a program for the now defunct Radar Radio (UK), he currently maintains the monthly program Passos Estintos through Radio Veneno, where he investigates narratives and experimental techniques of mixing and sonic research.