Announcing the 2021 OneBeat Recipients

OneBeat is excited to announce 10 new recipients of the OneBeat Accelerator.  The OneBeat Accelerator provides a micro-grant to Alumni for the development and implementation of follow-on projects which support democratic principles and address topics such as access to education, community resilience, economic empowerment, media literacy, and youth empowerment. This summer and fall, OneBeat led two rounds of Accelerator competitions.  Applications were reviewed by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, OneBeat staff, and guest artists.


Daniel Limaverde (Brazil)

Palimpsesto: A nonfiction narrative podcast featuring stories from Brazil that help redefine and recontextualize the country’s history through many different lenses, using social studies, interviews with scholars and academic researchers, and arranged in a narrative structure akin to shows like Radiolab and This American Life.


Kasiva Mutua (Kenya)

Collaboration Through Giving: A giving program and series of musical collaborations and conversations aimed at uniting women in music. This giving process will be accompanied by virtual live music sessions and discussions with female musicians in Kenya. 


Jason Kunwar (Nepal)

Confluence: A program for musicians of diverse backgrounds in Nepal to engage in a virtual creative collaboration, offering a platform for artists to explore how they can create and work amid a crisis, how to connect with audiences from complete isolation, and how artists can deal with shared conditions of isolation. 


Denise “Sincerity” García (USA)

Lyrics to Life: A hip hop and poetry workshop for teenagers in New York City where participants will learn to use creative expression as a tool for empowerment in this current political and social climate, while learning to work as part of a collective and receiving guidance on how to monetize these skills. 


Mandla Mlangeni (South Africa)

Afrikan Freedom Principle: An online platform for a wide community of musicians and arts practitioners to share insights on current developments in the industry, including a podcast, panel discussions, archives, and workshops on everything from music theory to marketing to performance to preservation.


Peni Candra Rini (Indonesia)

Kinanthi Kunci Ati: A series of original compositions and arrangements of traditional gamelan music written for string quartet, created as an educational resource for audiences outside of the gamelan tradition and made free and downloadable for student and professional string quartets alike. 


Manuel Rangel (Venezuela)

5 Movements are the Key: A systematized methodology for learning interpretations of the maracas in their traditional genres, including technical and academic approaches to the Venezuelan maracas through online courses, including over 120 tutorial videos and mailable PDFs of the content. 


Muthoni Ndonga (Kenya)

Ujuaji Podcast: A conversation-based podcast between well-respected young leaders in the community that serves to navigate new lands ahead and to help conceptualize how young people could understand modern-day issues of business, governance, music, healthcare, labor, people as a commodity, education, fashion, art, culture, festivals and events, faith, commerce and economic power.  


Mafer Bandola (Venezuela)

The Latin Female Music Industry Conference will bring together women in the music industry from all over Latin America for an online conference to exchange ideas and strategies for navigating the music business, in order to forge stronger connections between female industry leaders.


Jay Afrisando (Indonesia)

Festival Musik dalam Layar (On-Screen Music Festival): A virtual music festival featuring Indonesian musicians and artists in partnership with several Indonesia-based initiatives aiding musicians and artists financially affected by the pandemic.