Announcing the 2020 OneBeat Recipients

OneBeat is excited to announce 10 new recipients of the OneBeat Accelerator.  The OneBeat Accelerator provides a micro-grant to Alumni for the development and implementation of follow-on projects which support democratic principles and address topics such as access to education, community resilience, economic empowerment, media literacy, and youth empowerment.  This summer and fall, OneBeat is leading two rounds of Accelerator competitions.  Applications are reviewed by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, OneBeat staff, and guest artists.


Jennifer Meya Magorza (Colombia)

Mujeres al Tambor: A series of online percussion workshops for over 100 women in Latin America to share and learn traditional rhythms and drums of the Colombian Caribbean. By connecting through art, the online workshops will empower and strengthen a network of women.

Justin Harrington (USA)

Haus of Lacks: An initiative to connect socially-engaged artists to develop & share strategies for using music & art creation to affect direct & actionable social change in their communities.

Lara Klaus (Brazil) 

Motiva Integrarte: Online percussion workshops for people with Down Syndrome in partnership with Brazilian NGO Integartre. 

Maria Betania Hernandez (Venezuela)

Los senderos del viaje: A video art piece weaving together ten stories of Venezuelan immigrants living in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile, as a reflection on one of the largest contemporary diasporas in the world. 

Fidel Kilic (Turkey)

Between: A short documentary project detailing the experiences of two elderly women living on the Syria-Turkey border as they deal with life in one of the most dangerous and sonically chaotic places in the world, and the strange quiet and safety brought on by COVID-19.

Blessing Chimanga (Zimbabwe)

The Marimba: A comprehensive educational, historical and teaching guide for the marimba, an instrument central to the cultural heritage of Zimbabwe, in the form of a book, album and series of videos.

Daniela Serna (Colombia)

Totona Power Podcast: A feminist space for conversation and reflection, focused on the perspectives and stories of Afro-Colombian and Palenque women, featuring sound design by a network of female-identifying producers. 

Tarik Aslan (Turkey)

Atelier Defjen: A series of free, physically distanced workshops for children and teenagers in Mardin, Turkey to learn about the ancient def/erbane drum, including lessons on the instrument’s unique history, how to build it, and how to play it.  

Jax Ravel (Madagascar)

Milalao Mozika: A free music educational video series covering various topics ranging from global music traditions, performance, songwriting, and theory will be distributed online and in partnership with Malagasy media outlets.

Arun Sivag (India)

Budakattu: A multimedia archive project for indigenous Tribal and Folk artists, a majority of whom are women, across India showcasing their music and way of life through audio recordings, music videos, and online concerts.