Kasiva Mutua

OneBeat 2013 Fellow

Composer, Percussionist

Nairobi, Kenya

Jackline Kasiva Mutua (Kasiva) is an internationally touring drummer and percussionist based in a Nairobi, Kenya. Her exuberant performances reflect a panoply of influences, including afrobeat, zouk, samba, reggae and soul. Describing her beginnings as a young drummer, Kasiva says: “I grew up a curious child. I listened carefully to every sound; bird calls, cricket chirps, cowbells and traditional drums are embedded in my mind and now I chant them in my sleep. Most evenings my sister and I would recline by the fire and listen to stories narrated by our grandmother. She would sit with a drum between her legs and teach us the traditional mechanism of our people: the language of the drums. Perpetuating our people’s heritage, she introduced me to drums and shakers, celebrating our community’s spirit and also imparting moral guidance.”