OneBeat Labs


OneBeat Labs for Middle & High School

OneBeat Labs form a collection of music & social-studies based courses inspired by OneBeat. Each lab offers a flexible 3-5 week course, covering a specific topic and engages students in hands-on exercises, creative challenges, discussions and group work. These labs are inspired by the OneBeat network of musicians, representing some of the world’s most innovative and socially-minded emerging artists, working at the forefront of music technology, music education, cultural preservation, and more.

These labs provide flexible lesson plans for teachers and can be adapted to fit the needs of each class and students. Each lab is broken down into 3 units, exploring different topics, with each unit lasting roughly 1-2 weeks or more. Our main goal is to offer young people more creative opportunities to engage in music and sound making, ways of thinking of and perceiving the world differently through sound, and reflecting on how music can positively affect personal and communal health and behavior. Lab opportunities also provide new ways for a class of individuals to interact, and create something together as a group.

We also aim to offer students an opportunity to more deeply connect with OneBeat musicians in person and virtually, when musicians are touring to a particular city in the US or abroad or workshopping in a virtual creative residency. While singular experiences meeting and listening to incredible music-makers from across the globe can provide transformative experience for young people, these lessons and ideas hope to transmit life-long skills, processes, and ways of understanding that students can carry forward.

Each lab includes:

  • Creative challenges & prompts to try out new skills.
  • Discussion topics to explore critical questions.
  • Suggested Readings to examine certain themes more deeply.
  • Media Excerpts to watch and listen to relevant work.
  • Featured Musicians to explore new sounds from around the globe.


Above are labs we are offering for fall of 2022 and have developed in collaboration with teachers in New Mexico and our Alumni musicians. These labs are currently in development and will be updated throughout the next months.