Music & Futurism

Sean Monaghan



To explore how new technologies can be used, subverted or adapted to support creative expression. To engage with existing (and widely available) technology in completely new and creative ways. To discuss how technological advances can be harmful or hinder these things, and how we can address those challenges.

Critical Questions:

  • How have advances in technology supported creative expression, particularly through sound/music and storytelling?
  • How are artists using changing technologies as a creative medium?
  • What are the drawbacks of technological advances to artists & to democratic participation, and how can creative uses of technology (and creative expression using technology) address these?

Sample Activities: 

Create an original piece or art or music using a popular or unpopular tech platform. Create or conceptualize a group performance using a set of available sound-making device (phones, computer lab or other); creating an orchestra of that particular sound-making technology.

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