Sound & The World Around Us

Environmental Awareness, Climate Change, Environmental Science, Sound Studies and Soundscape Ecology

To learn how and to what extent sound can impact our awareness and understanding of different environments, environmental change, and environmental crisis. To learn about sounds found in the natural world and what they tell us about science & environmental change. To learn about artists and art practices that use the natural world as inspiration and material for their compositions.

Critical questions:

  • How does sound affect our experience or understanding of something?
  • What do particular sounds found in nature tell us about our earth and changing environment?
  • How are artists using sound to amplify issues around our changing environment? How are the sciences turning to arts to amplify understanding of the environment and changing climate conditions?

Sample Activities:

  • Develop your own sound walk or place- based sonic installation
  • Create an ‘imaginary museum’ or speculative future sound piece based on observation of your environment.
  • Create a group musical song or sonic work using found sounds

Lesson Plans:
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