ProduceHer, from Ivona Eterovic and Summer Krinsky, is a three part workshop series teaching, empowering, and elevating female-identifying and LGBTQIA+ producers, aiming for participants to gain confidence to navigate a DAW and use music as a tool of self-expression. These sessions will involve teaching basics, mixing, and highlighting notable women in the field.


Ivona Eterović, aka tonota, is an innovative producer, composer, guitarist, synth player, and psychologist from Zagreb, Croatia. As a solo artist and collaborator, Ivona seeks to create introspective music with a strong emotional charge, often blending mainstream and experimental music to show that art can be for everyone.

Summer Krinsky is a Detroit based composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer and creative coder. Under the artist name Summer Like The Season, Summer often performs multiple instruments at once while layering effects, vocals and percussion to create original music.