Sound of Soil

The inhabitants of rural Jatiwangi, Indonesia’s largest roof tile industrial area, have lived their life by cultivating clay/terracotta since 1905. Sound of Soil, from Tedi En, aims to conserve the culture of “Soil of Jatiwangi” as part of Kota Terrakota, by processing soil to create a diversification of musical products and sounds, composing works with an ensemble of roof tile factory workers, and strengthening the identity of a region through music and sound.


Inspired by the trade of his rural hometown (Jatiwangi is a leading producer of tile and ceramics), Tedi En began organizing large-scale orchestras featuring his own handmade clay instruments including guitars, wind instruments and gamelan percussion. He has toured across Indonesia as a composer and performer with numerous ensembles including Hanyaterra, The People Clay and Genteng Genteng Ensemble. Tedi is also the lead organizer of Jatiwangi Art Factory, a socially engaged nonprofit dedicated to experimental and participatory art techniques as well as the Ceramics Music Festival.