NgoMa Technologies: Indigenous Sound Regeneration

NgoMa Technologies: Indigenous Sound Regeneration, is a project from South African artist KHNYSA. The initiative is dedicated to the making, playing and innovation of indigenous sound technologies as sites of healing, creativity and knowledge. The goal is for participants to feel and experience the songs of their heart by using these ancient devices in a hyperindustrial network world.


KHNYSA is an Eastern Cape-based traditional healer, storyteller and multi-disciplinary artist. KHNYSA’s work seeks to mediate modes of traditional healing and traditional music as repositories of knowledge in the South African context, repurposing found objects to craft complex soundscapes. They are also the founder of ISPILI Network, a transmedia and creative platform dedicated to exploring the creative economy of the Eastern Cape through social programs and online content dedicated to the preservation and transmission of indigenous knowledges and collective healing.