Follow-On Project: Street Studio Hungary

2012 OneBeat Fellow & singer-songwriter Vera Jonas tells us that her experience as a cultural ambassador encouraged her to re-examine the role of music in Hungarian society and inspired her to develop project ideas to address social and cultural issues in her country.

Upon returning home, Vera was inspired to focus on ways that music can bridge the gaps between various ethnic groups in Hungary, with a particular focus on young Roma musicians. Her idea, called Street Studio Hungary, builds on one of Found Sound Nation’s models for music-based engagement, which Vera experienced during OneBeat. For this workshop, her team worked with a group of young Roma musicians based at the Snétberger Talent Center and Found Sound Nation to learn the Street Studio methodology, and then use the model to engage communities and collaboratively create music (in public squares, universities, music festivals, etc.) in a handful of cities across Hungary. In the same way Ms. Jonas experienced how OneBeat encouraged dialogue and engagement, she uses street studio model to young Roma musicians in Hungary to help facilitate understanding and awareness between the Roma community and other non-Roma Hungarians.

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