Vera Jonas

Phasing electronic loops, atonal vocals, and an untraditional rhythmic vocabulary are some of the beautiful idiosyncrasies that can be found in Vera Jonas’ music. A vanguard of the experimental music scene in Hungary, Vera captivates audiences with her bewitching multi-layered soundscapes. Within each spectral pastiche, one discerns the meticulous arrangements of a classically trained composer. When performing live, there is little that is beyond Vera’s imagination. A wildly inventive and improvisational performer, she sings, plays guitar and body percussion, does spoken word, and uses electronics to create enveloping soundscapes. Vera builds her dense harmonies using looping methods, aided by the rhythmic anchor of bass and drums. While studying at the London Centre for Contemporary Music, fruitful collaborations crystallized into her trio, the Vera Jonas Experiment. Apart from playing with her own band, Vera has worked with established and emerging artists, writing lyrics in English and Hungarian for their material. She also scored original music for contemporary dance shows and collaborated with her generation’s pioneers of free improvised music.