Yantó Launches Evocative Album “Sítio Arqueológico”

Yantó, a visionary artist from São Paulo and a 2019 OneBeat alum recently released their third album, “Sítio Arqueológico”. This latest work, self-produced in collaboration with Tó Brandileone of the group 5 a seco, is a compelling blend of 11 songs and 3 interludes.

The 14-track album features collaborations with artists like Bruna Moraes, Guilherme Kafé, Verônica Bonfim, and fellow OneBeat 2019 alumni Dylan Mckinstry. Drawing inspiration from an archaeological site, Yantó creates a unique soundscape that seamlessly connects the past with the future. The album pays homage to the traditions of Brazilian popular music while venturing into contemporary and experimental pop.

Yantó’s lyrics delve into a variety of themes, from relationships to generational conflicts, family dynamics, self-discovery, and pressing socio-political issues such as colonialism and environmental concerns.

Immerse yourself in the world of “Sítio Arqueológico” and access the English translations of the lyrics at www.yanto.com.br/sitio.