Manmeet Kuar Presents Reverse in Punjab

Check out what OneBeat Virtual 1 Alumni Manmeet Kuar has been up to in her community! Read her words about the project below.

“Recently as a part of Reverse in Punjab a project supported by OneBeat accelerator grant, Mister COLFER and I, as newbie proponents of natural pigments Terracotta and Lime, collaborated with Rupinder Singh, school teacher from this Government primary school in an ignored area of my neighborhood, Kumbra. Facing the brunt of low income, waste mismanagement and congestion of hustle in livelihood, families let their kids come and learn life in this school. After doing our music making workshop for two days with kids here, we wanted to gift them a nice message at the entrance of their school, poetically written and hand painted in Punjabi by Rupinder and the visual designed by Flavien, painted by us. We made many smile and think and that’s priceless.

Translation of the poem:
Suffocated on this earth,
What should I say?
Air, water and dirty ground, where should I go?
All the forests are deserted, how can I move my wings?
“Maudh” humble soul, if you feed me grains,
I’d come and drift on the palms of beloved nature.

More in the documentary, in making.”