Kasiva Mutua x Nile Project

We may be a bit biased because our very own Kasiva Mutua (Kenya 2013) is part of this incredible band. But this is a seriously badass group of musicians, and a very cool project, that blew away audiences at this month’s globalFEST in New York City. The band strikes a remarkable balance between being groovy and sensitive, featuring all talented members of the 13-piece band in turn. Shining from the rhythm section in back is Kasiva Mutua, who seems ever more comfortable and radiant on stage. If you are anywhere near this tour in the next few months, cancel any other plans you’ve made and go see them! About the Nile Project tour: The Nile Project has just embarked upon an ambitious 4 month US tour where we’ll be visiting 30 university presenters across the country, for multidisciplinary residencies generally lasting 2-5 days. Each residency will include public performances featuring a body of new songs collaboratively composed by the Nile Project collective, as well as panel discussions incorporating a variety of academic departments and community groups, interactive workshops, master classes, and other outreach activities. The tour aims to raise awareness about sustainability issues in the Nile Basin and how they connect with similar environmental challenges across the U.S., inspiring and activating students, faculty, and community members in the process. Nile Project