hara Debuts Enchanting ‘Layar Terkembang (With Sails Unfurled)’ EP

hara, an ethereal singer-songwriter and OneBeat 11 alumnus from Bogor, Indonesia, has unveiled her latest EP, ‘Layar Terkembang (With Sails Unfurled)’, a mesmerizing tapestry of ambient folk-cinematic pop.

At the core of ‘Layar Terkembang’ are hara’s dreamy vocals, weaving through each track with a soulful embrace. The EP is enriched with a cinematic string quintet arrangement, adding a sense of grandeur that complements her intimate acoustic guitar melodies. Nature soundscapes layer into this mix. The overall mood is a delicate fusion of melancholy, introspection, and dreaminess, each track unfolding like scenes from a poignant film.

hara, currently based in Pōneke, Aotearoa, has created an EP that is not just a collection of songs, but an invitation to an emotional odyssey. She describes it as “a year-end gift…to accompany your way home.”

Listen below!