Edward Ramirez – Cuatro Madness

Photo of OneBeat fellow and Cuatro player, Edward Ramirez

Edward Ramirez has been enjoying great success playing cuatro with a number of projects in Venezuela and beyond, including being named 2015 Artist of the Year by the Pepsi Music Awards. Since OneBeat, Edward has released two solo albums, “Parroquia” and “Cuatro, Maraca y Buche” (which also features OneBeat 2013 alum and maraca player Manuel Rangel). Edward’s band, C4 Trio, has received two Latin Grammy nominations and a Latin Grammy win for sound engineering, and the group has just released a 10th year anniversary DVD with an impressive array of special guests. Last year, Edward and 2013 alum Manuel Rangel toured around Venezuela, performing at schools, bars, and venues in 20 different towns. Edward has recently started a new project of “joropo tuyero”, a traditional kind of joropo music from the middle region of Venezuela, with talented singer Rafael Pino and OneBeat honorable mention Orestes Gomez. Edward says, “I love the idea of sharing my music and my culture with people of different beliefs. To bring the cuatro a small instrument that symbolizes my entire culture, to other people, is really empowering.” Enjoy this music video of C4 Trio set on a beautiful rooftop in Venezuela, along with more tracks from Edward’s soundcloud page.