Hind Ennaira Raises Awareness about ‘Female Gnawa’

In her mission to raise awareness about “female gnawa,” a genre traditionally performed exclusively by men for centuries, Hind Ennaira presents the true power of Maghreb women. Her performances are marked by remarkable talent, infusing joy and trance-like energy into the audience.Hind Ennaira has emerged as a new icon in the Gnawa music scene. Despite lacking Gnawa roots in her family, she immersed herself in the practice of guembri and singing Gnawa songs during her childhood. Along her journey, she had the privilege of learning from some of the greatest maalems (masters), becoming one of the few female guembri players today.

Earning recognition and respect step by step, Hind made a pivotal decision to dedicate herself to music after graduating with a degree in tourism. Her debut performance took place in Essawira on the Moulay El Hassan stage at the Gnaoua and World Music Festival. Collaborating with Maâlem Mohamed Boumezzough and Yaya Ouattara, she presented a captivating guembri solo, introducing the world to the fresh, female face of Gnawa music.

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