Alumni Travel to Appalachia for Mosaic Interactive

This month, Onebeat alumni Mehdi Nassouli, Eva Salina, Kyla-Rose Smith, and Peni Candra Rini were featured Found Sound Nation’s Mosaic Interactive program. Supported by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, this month-long residency and tour was inspired by connections formed at OneBeat and provided an opportunity to deepen collaborative ties between Fellows from across the past 8 years. After months preparation, preliminary workshops and an introductory residency in Upstate New York, the group joined with a larger group of artists, from the US and Muslim majority countries. to co-create a multimedia piece exploring our collective dreams, memories, and rituals. Followinng rehearsals and community engagements in Kentucky (Bledsoe, Whitesburg) and West Virginia (Elkins), the tour culminated with three days of performances at Knoxville’s Big Ears Festival. Alumni Asma Ghanem (Palestine) also contributed a sound piece for the final performance.

For more information about Mosaic Interactive, visit the website here.