Watch a video for “Ka Se Zaljubile”, composed during OneBeat Balkans 201

“Ka Se Zaljubile” or “When They Fell in Love” is a traditional Macedonian song that tells the story of two young lovers. This piece emerged as a collaboration between Serbian vocalist Minela Bogdanovic, New Orleans-based bassist Martin Masakowski (who performs on his self-made contrabass with electronics), and rapper/poet Akinyemi from Queens. This video was shot and edited by Ora DeKornfeld using a decommissioned sauna and steam room in the Rugova mountains of Kosovo, during OneBeat Balkans 2019.

OneBeat Balkans (2019) is an initiative of Exchange Programs – U.S. Department of State, produced by Bang On A Can’s Found Sound Nation and Balkan Art Zone, U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo, U.S. Embassy-Tirana, U.S. Embassy Belgrade, and U.S. Embassy North Macedonia