Tsendsuren Enkhtur: Chi Min Bitgii Martaarai

OneBeat 11 alumna Tsendsuren Enkhtur has released a captivating new video for her collaborative song “Chi Min Bitgii Martaarai”, created alongside Prismo Beats & Jo Jo. Tsendsuren is committed to celebrating and preserving traditional Mongolian music. Her work not only showcases the rich heritage of Mongolia but also aims to educate those who are less familiar with its deep ancestries and legacies.

Tsendsuren’s dedication extends beyond performance; she is actively involved in expanding the repertoire of the khuuchir, supporting Mongolian craftsmen who create traditional instruments, and publishing more music for this unique instrument. This latest release is a testament to her commitment to blending traditional sounds with contemporary influences, inviting listeners to explore the vibrant world of Mongolian music.

Watch the video below!