Todas las Puertas

Todas las Puertas (TLP) is a multidisciplinary art project led by 2017 alumni Paulo Sartori & Johanna Amaya, from Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and Bogota (Colombia), respectively. In spring 2019, TLP conceived and produced a 16-day residency and tour in Colombia, inviting alumni Lyn Rye (USA), Daniel de Mendoza (Colombia) and Felipe José (Brazil), as well as local artists, to focus on developing multimedia performances incorporating music, dance, visual arts and literature, exploring the relevance of artistic expression in society and strengthening bonds within the artistic community. The creation of this original collaborative performance was accompanied by educational workshops and discussions addressing social and environmental issues, enabling creative processes and group improvisations, introducing music traditions from around the world to audiences and collecting a wide range of soundscapes from all of these activities. The project also received additional funding support from the U.S. Embassy in Bogota.