Sacramento Knoxx Named Resident Artist At University of Michigan

2017 Fellow Sacramento Knoxx will be an Education and Community Engagement Research Resident Artist at the University of Michigan this winter. In this residency, Knoxx will base his work on traditional Anishinaabe teachings to explore themes of environmental justice, exploitation, and the connection between the spirit and the land.

Knoxx said: “I want to bring Anishinaabe teachings into this phase of winter, as traditionally that’s when a lot of stories get told and shared. It’s in alignment with Anishinaabe cultural ways and lifestyles, and it feels amazing to share it with others. It’s all about creating the magic in the music, because sometimes when you’re in the studio by yourself, the magic stays there. This is a good opportunity to show the ingredients and to share the entire process, and uncover gems for everyone to share in.”

Click here to read an interview with Knoxx via University of Michigan’s website.