Reverse, led by Manmeet Kaur, aims to engage urban beings in a process of regenerative music creation to collectively reflect on our daily choices and sensationalize the need of servitude for nature for all it provides us. In partnership with experts in environmentalism and art, this project will incorporate clean-ups, music workshops for kids using discarded materials, and public performances.


A pioneering Indian MC, Manmeet Kaur exhibits skills not only as a rapper but also as a producer, video director, storyteller, and beatmaker. She began performing in 2011, as part of a Bombay-based group of human rights activists, JAPA (Justice and Peace for All), which inspired her to dig deeper “to find purpose beyond conservative appropriations and generationaly stagnating rituals.” She released a debut album in 2014, and has spent the years since, traveling and collaborating with other musicians and beatmakers, documenting many of her journeys as she goes. Several of these explorations have turned into self-produced music videos for her songs.