Wajahat Shah Aalmi

Wajahat Aalmi is a multi-talented musician, vocalist, and passionate educator originating from Gilgit, Pakistan. Wajahat is deeply committed to providing young generations with an environment that encourages and supports their artistic abilities, and is the driving force behind the Meher-e-Khun School of Music. As the sole music graduate from his region, his multi-instrumental talents and rich musical knowledge have not only contributed to the construction of the institute but are also pivotal in shaping the comprehensive curriculum at Meher-e-khun. Wajahat’s dedication to the artistic development of future generations is inspiring, and his vision for Meher-e-khun is a testament to his unwavering commitment to nurturing creative expression and musical talent.

Wajahat along with Sanam Gul co-founded Meher-e-Khun School of Music, a project selected to be part of the inaugural OneBeat Institute. Meher-e-khun School of Music is dedicated to nurturing the musical talent of young people, especially women, in Northern Pakistan, and reviving the traditional folk music of the Chitral and Gilgit mountain regions. The school endeavors to bring positive change to our local community and region by offering students musical training, creative opportunities and global exposure through a comprehensive music curriculum and artist residency program.